Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Set Up for the Rotting Fruit and Vegetables Time-Lapse

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Here is a picture of the set up for my most recent time-lapse project. The lights were not initially so close, but when the weather turned cold, I moved one light in closer to keep the temp. up and keep the process going at a better pace.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fruit and Vegetables Decomposing, Time-lapse

This is probably my most extensive time-lapse project yet. I Placed the fruit and vegetables in a large tub in the storage area under my house and took a picture every ten minutes. The playback at 30 frames per second took too long and was not as exciting, so I used a quarter of the pictures, making it 1 picture every 40 minutes. This video spans 74 days. The growth at the end of the video is from the potato. Also, the hundreds or thousands of little specks you see buzzing around are fruit flies. I used my Canon PowerShot S3 IS and GBTimelapse software on a laptop. I used Sony Acid Music Studio to make the accompanying music.

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