Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Predictions, 2010

It is interesting to me that as I look back to my 2009 Super Bowl XLIII predictions, we are in the middle of an unusual winter storm much as we were at this same time last year. The big difference is that we got much more snow than ice, so we haven't seen the massive power outages that we did last year. It probably also helps that most of the power lines and poles are new due to their being replaced last year and most of the trees and branches that could have threatened power lines already went down and are gone after last years devastation. I also notice that my prediction was pretty good. I picked the winner, Pittsburgh, with the correct spread, 4 points. Each team successfully kicked one more field goal than I had guessed they would.

Enough of that, now its time for my pick. I optimistically think that it will be a close and fun game, with the Colts slipping past the Saints, 30-28. It sounds like the Saints will be gunning for Manning and tyring to put him out of the game (an obvious strategy), but ultimately I think he is too good and will finish the game uninjured.

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