Saturday, March 12, 2005

Six Degrees of Blogximity or 6 Degrees Meme or Six Degrees of Bloggeration

Last night I came up with the idea of creating a meme game utilizing the Small World Phenomenon which led to the famous phrase six degrees of separation, the movie with the same name and then the popular game Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Once I thought about it however, I assumed that it had to have been done before so I searched and quickly found Normblog's Six Degrees of Blogximity. So to his credit I will do it his way.

The rules:
Starting from your own blog (Blog Zero), you go via one of your blogroll links to another blog (Blog One), from its blogroll to another (Blog Two), and so on, ending up after six moves at Blog Six. You may not backtrack to the blog you just came from; no blog may figure twice in the one-to-six itinerary.

Then you solve the challenge given to you from which you obtained the meme.

I was given this: Normblog--->Philosophy et cetera

and I solved it thus:
Normblog--->Respectful Insolence--->Pharyngula>--->Philosophy et cetera

Now for my challenge:
Find a connection (the shorter the better) from Henry's Webiocosm Blog to Bored Housewife



Blogger Lisa said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm famous--or am I Kevin Bacon??

3:34 PM  

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