Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lady in Blue - The Simpsons

Prior to the new episode of the Simpsons this last weekend, they played two recent reruns, both of which were new to me. The second one, titled “Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife” originally aired 3/26/06, and contained the funniest Simpsons song I have ever heard. While the Simpsons were on a Wife Swap type reality television show, Marge’s new temporary husband fell in love with her. He composed for her this song, titled “Lady in Blue”:

Lady when you came to me,
I was feeling blue.
Blue just like your hair you see,
Blue just like the moon.
But only when the moon is blue,
Not when it is cream.
And now that you are here with me,
I am in a dream.

(Speaking) Oh yeah Marge, your dreams can come true.

Lady when you go away,
I feel like I could die.
Not like dye like your hair is dyed,
But Die like Lady Di,
And not like Di like her name is Di,
But die like when she died.

(He takes a big swig of vermouth)

Lady just like Lady Di,
You’re my princess tonight,
But don’t die.

(Whisper) Don’t die.

The song and lyrics were by Ricky Gervais, in fact the whole episode was written by Gervais.

After I went to the trouble of typing all the lyrics, I did the research on Gervais and I found the entry for the episode "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife" complete with the lyrics to the song on Wikipedia, but be careful because you really should watch it first.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in Thailand
I think this song is cool too
I just watched this episode yesterday
and today again
After watching it, I try to find the lyric and mp3 on the net
and found the lyric here

It's a cool song
I like the sound of the guitar


3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Czech Republic and I´m looking for this song, too. It´s very pretty. This episode of the Simpsons I saw yesterday =) ...

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy, from Texas in the U.S. and I just saw "Lady in Blue" on the Simpsons, and wanted to know who that was playing guitar (yes I realize that cartoons are not 'real people' - but us Simpsons fans also know that they have "guest stars" that represent and are often voiced by real celebrities) - at first I thought that maybe it was Eric Clapton, but couldn't square the songs and lack of a clearly distinguishable accent with him - so I typed a few of the lyrics that I remembered into Google and here I am!! :) Just want to Leave my comment too! I think it's funny how diverse we are, yet we all have appreciation for this one episode in common! How wild is that? Yes it was a great song! It's my first viewing of this episode but I'm still chuckling over it. I love the Simpsons!!!

5:15 AM  

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