Thursday, May 03, 2007

Snakes Eating Things

Last weekend while I was fishing with my family, we ran across this water snake eating a fish. I made everyone move away and fish elsewhere while I filmed. The footage is a little sketchy because it was taking so long and I knew I would run out of memory on my digital camera if I let it run continuously. The total time from when I began filming to the end was 24 minutes. In the second to last segment, if you listen closely, you can hear my wife cheering for my 2 1/2 year old son as he catches his first fish ever all by himself. Of course, I took a scolding for filming the snake and fish scene instead of that precious moment, but what is a fella to do?

Here are a couple of pictures of the scene that are a little more clear:

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I found this next video while getting ready to post my own. This is a snake eating a toad, essentially from start to finish. There is a little more action in this video, but it lasts 10 minutes. The dialogue from the "camera crew" makes it a little more worthwhile as well.

Good job fellas.

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