Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 Family Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year's family pumpkin carving contest had some pretty good entries.  I am a little embarrassed to say that yes, I won again.  The bottom pic is from my household.  The bottom right was mine, 1st place.  Next to it was my oldest son's, 4th place.  Top left was my 7 year old son's.  It was 6th or seventh, who cares.  He got the point though, that he is going to have to man up and learn how to cut a pumpkin.  My wife's was the toothy one on the top right.  It got third.  The big mouth full of teeth is a recurring theme for her, maybe it will work out better for her next year.

The top pic has all the entries. The two on the farthest right that were not very well lit were not officially entered because they were produced by non family.  I think that a couple of others could have won just as easily as mine this year.  Of note, my sister did the 2 face one, top middle.  It looks way better lit up in the dark than it did in daylight.  My step mother tried to play on the popularity of the 70's rock band KISS, but the judges were of the wrong demographic to be impressed and she was appropriately given last place.  Happy Halloween!!!!!

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