Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016 Family Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year's contest had an unexpected outcome.  My younger brother placed 1st with the minimalist approach.  His is the one on the lower left.  We made fun of him for taking longer than anyone else to do that.  I guess it paid off.   Second place went to my oldest son, that weird thing on the top row second from left was his.  Third went to my sister, who did the clowny pumpkin in the middle on the bottom row.  Its the one I would have chosen.  My pumpkin is the one on the top row, far left.  It came in 5th.  My wife did the tiny faced pumpkin on the bottom row, far right.  It was an idea she lifted from a friend who had received favorable reviews with a similar effort a few days earlier.  Despite our judge's clear lack of credentials, he was able to sniff out an obvious act of plagiarism, and he punished her with a 7th place finish.  The judge was a friend of my 12 year old son who is relatively new to the neighborhood.  Though he was in over his head with his assigned task, he's a good kid so we still let him come around from time to time.


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