Monday, October 31, 2005

October Letters to Discover: Author Information

The October edition of Discover had a couple of notable letter writers. The most controversial was Dr. Ralph G. Walton who disagrees with the below noted article supporting the safety of aspartame. In the letter he refers to a study he had published which is linked below. This came with a somewhat neutral reply from the editors and another reply, at the request of Dicsover, from D. Eric Walters who refutes the claim that aspartame is unsafe.

Walton, Ralph G. - Professor of clinical psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine; Rootstown, Ohio
Heading: How Sweet it Isn't
Subject: "Hitting the Sweet Spot" August 2005
Links to the Author: Adverse Reactions to Aspartame:
Double-Blind Challenge in Patients from a Vulnerable Population
, Survey of Aspartame of Studies: Correlation of Outcome and Funding, Department of Psychiatry Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

Hoffman, Curtiss - Chairman, Department of Anthropology, Bridgewater State College;
Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Heading: The Culture Race
Subject: "Are the Desert People Winning?" August 2005
Links to the Author: Dr. Curtiss Hoffman's Homepage, In Fast-growing Area, a Race to Save History-The Boston Globe
Books by the Author: The Seven Story Tower: A Mythic Journey Through Space and Time

Olsen, Doug - Oakland, California
Heading: Creationism, Darwinism, and Beyond
Subject: R & D "23 Years Ago in Discover: Creationism" August 2005
Links to the Author: No definite links

LaTour, Jonathan - Salem, Oregon
Heading: Stop That Panther
Subject: "Dr. Mushroom" July 2005
Links to the Author: No definite links

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