Thursday, October 27, 2005

Random Fatigue Meme

Bludgeoned by afarensis.

1. Of all the books that you have eventually finished after many starts & stops, which one took you the longest and how long did it eventually take?

For me, most books that take over a couple of months, don’t recover from the loss of momentum and are never finished, but the one book that stands out is a biography of T. H. Huxley called Scientist Extraordinary: The Life and Scientific Works of Thomas Henry Huxleyby Cyril Bibby, which took more than half a year. I have mentioned it here before. It was in my medical school library and I read just a few pages at a time during study breaks.

Currently I am reading a book titled Mutants : On Genetic Variety and the Human Body by Armand Leroi, which if I ever finish, will be the record holder, its been over a year and it still sits at my bedside, I read about 4 pages every 2-3 weeks.

2. What great band (or album or song) have you heard so often, you wouldn’t mind never hearing again even though you still think the band (or album or song) is great?

Led Zeppelin IV

3. Which cliché or often cited quote needs to be placed in quarantine for a few decades?

“When in doubt, whip it out.” A useful rule of thumb for the college days, that has since been repressed, but may come roaring back when senility sets in.

4. During the 1990s "Compassion Fatigue" received a lot of press, now the media is giddy with "Donation Fatigue". What will be the next trendy fatigue?

Hopefully it will be political correctness fatigue, or for my medical counterparts, fibromyalgia fatigue.

5. What percentage of respondents will answer "meme fatigue" to question #4?
I looked into some of the previous responses of others. I thought somebody would have despite reasons against it stated by PZ Myers. Although many said that everybody would answer “meme fatigue” they themselves did not and none of the others that I looked at did either.
So my answer is none.

Who to pass it on to? In a similar vein to my last meme's method of selection, I will go from random fatigue to random acts of violence and use the following method: From a random nearby book, PDxMD Differential Diagnosis with Clinical Benchmarks, I randomly placed my finger on 3 words, retrosternal, relevant, and findings. Then I took these words to Google and added blog, and arrived at the following unsuspecting blogs to attack: Sumer's Radiolgy Site, Swords Into Plowshares, hibiscusfire



Blogger afarensis said...

Led Zepplin IV? Really? I do like the way you passed the meme on - going to have to try that ome time!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Henry said...

Yeah I started listening to Zeppelin when I was about sixteen and my best friend and I would go driving around playing tapes that he recorded from his dad's record collection. I still play alot of Zeppelin from my CD collection, just not that one as much because I still here it on the radio plenty. I could easily argue that it is one of the best albums ever put together, I just over did it thats all.

7:03 PM  
Blogger afarensis said...

Now that I think about it, I probably also should have mentioned Paranoid by Black Sabbath, I really overdid that one.

8:42 PM  

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