Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl XL Predictions Recap

-the Bus will rush for 4 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Wrong-He had 43 yards and no TD's. He was on track to have one but Roethlisberger took the one yard run in instead.

-Hines Ward will have 100 receiving yards and a touchdown.
Correct- he had 123 receiving and 1 TD reception from A. Randle El along with an 18 yard rush.

-Alexander will top 130 total yards despite the Steelers excellent rush defense.
Nope. He had 95 rushing and 2 receiving for a total of 97 yards. He is still a stud.

-the first touchdown will be scored by a defense.
It just didn't happen. I truly expected to see T. Polamalu run an interception back on the first series.

-the Steelers will win by a field goal.
From a betting standpoint, yes they beat that margin, but I was really thinking it would come down to a field goal, so I was wrong again.

-I will be so excited that it is Super Bowl Sunday that I will get too busy "socializing" forget that their is even a game on.
I had an excellent day, beginning at about 1:00 with some backyard football, I was able to keep a reasonable pace with the adult beverages, and watched nearly every play of the game. I also had some superb turkey chili.

Even though my predictions were mostly wrong, Super Bowl XL will go down in the win column for me.

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