Saturday, March 04, 2006

Webiocosm Pet Link Round Up

One of my favorite subjects to follow lately has been the Mimivirus. Now the March editon of Discover Magazine has a good article on the mimivirus. The article begins with the following question on the cover: Are viruses the mother of all life? Then, in the process of answering the question (which appears to be YES), the article itself gives a rundown of the history of viruses, the mimivirus, and some of the people who have been working on it. The final paragraph ties it together by stating that "we owe our existence to viruses" and that "As it turns out, they are not the little breakaway shards of our biology—we are, of theirs."
Here are a few links to some of the recent buzz:

Nobel Intent talks directly about the Discover article.

Neil Struthers of Through the Megatonne Marble contemplates what he would do with his genome if he were the unintelligent designer.

Wheat-Dogg proclaims that Yo Mama was a Virus!

As usual, Keats' Telescope has some good insight and links.

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Braingate / Neural Interface System

CNN-Brain Chip Research Aims for Future Movement 03/02/06

News 14 Carolina Tech Talk - Implant might help paralyzed people 02/07/06

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