Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tree Thriving in a Silo: Life will find a way

I recently heard about a beautiful plot of land for sale nearby, so I wanted to go check it out. It is mostly pasture, but the description of the land and how to find it always included something like, "and it has a big silo out in the field with a tree growing out of it." That in itself necessitated a drive out for personal investigation. (Click the pics to enlarge)

My initial reaction was amazement that this tree has made it from this seemingly inhospitable environment of low sunlight to what now looks like guaranteed success, as long as the silo holds up of course.

When I began trying to describe this situation however, I couldn't really make it seem like such an impressive feat, since trees start out like this all the time, on forest floors, with just enough sunlight. The fact is that if it had not been for the silo, this tree would likely have been mowed or trampled long ago.

Regardless of whether this tree should be seen as a survivor against the odds, or just a tree doing what trees do, my hat goes off to this tree that has found its niche in a most unusual way.

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Blogger AYDIN Ă–RSTAN said...

That's very interesting. I hope the next owners will preserve it.

2:58 PM  
Blogger T. Beth said...

That bottom picture is very creative, and it looks quite surreal to see a tree surrounded by a silo.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool. I have to say that my next door neighbors neglected their gutters for so long that some weedy elms and cottonwoods had begun to shoot up. The best, though, was the three-foot redbud next to the chimney. I was sort of looking foward to spring, but they finally had to have their roof redone. Must have been the tree roots coming through the ceilings.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankfully nature's dogged persistence sometimes supplies us with reflection and good photo ops!

6:20 PM  

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