Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoroughbred Thursday: Curlin

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This fine specimen is Curlin. He is a breed of horse, Equus caballus, known as a thoroughbred. I took this these pictures at the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn in Hot Springs, Arkansas last weekend where he blew away the field and set a record for the greatest margin of victory in an Arkansas derby. He led the second place finisher, Storm in May, by 10 1/2 lengths. It looks as though this undefeated racehorse will be a favorite at the Kentucky Derby on May 5. The weather was just almost too cold for watching the races outdoors, but I managed to get outside for most of them. Luckily the rain had already passed through the day before. We had a great time. I saw Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones several times during the course of the day and even got a picture. As far as the betting goes, I didn't win but I still had some money left in my pockets on the way home so I call that a good day.

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