Saturday, August 25, 2007

stylin' with CSS

I am now attempting to build web pages using nothing more than code I type using the web page editor provided by my web host at the domain This will be a slow process since I will have to split my already very limited "computer time" between checking my many e-mail accounts and working on multiple other half-baked internet diversions. Since everything I have done relating to publishing websites has been self-taught, I have chosen a book called, stylin' with CSS: A Designer's Guide by Charles Wyke-Smith. Here is the starting practice page. I am not sure just yet if I am going to archive these stages of development or if I will just let it disappear. I realize that this is probably only interesting to me, but I am linking these pages here so the crawlers will find them. This is just in case anyone out there wants to see what I am doing, or at least wants to find a reference to the book, which I like so far.

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