Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Super Extreme Speed Painting - Amaryllis Flower

I have a new technique for painting that allows me to save time while creating beautiful works of art so watch closely and enjoy. Be sure to watch until the very end to see how this artwork really comes to life. The artwork is all original and the music was made with Sony's Acid Music Studio 7.0.

Really this is kind of just a spoof some of the speed painting videos I have seen on YouTube. It is not too hard to tell that I used the chroma key effect in making the the video, but then when the time-lapse portion of the flower starts then it is a dead give away. I just used a canvas and covered it with blue paint as evenly as possible while filming. The biggest problem was getting the paint even and trying to avoid shadows. I also should have noticed that the other room in the background was dark and shadowy and parts of it fell within the color range that I was keying out.

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