Monday, May 24, 2010

I Have Been Touched by His Noodly Appendage!

I was putting together a time-lapse video of some mushrooms that I found growing in my yard when I saw a miracle. The almighty revealed himself in this video footage. I will admit that it did require the use of Sony's Vegas Movie Studio HD and a green screen to coax this miraculous event into existence. Nonetheless, it was a truly life changing and enlightening experience. The main things I learned are that He is full of noodly goodness and that if you want to make the green screen (chroma key) effect work, the lighting and color of the screen have to be perfectly even, you can't have any shadows at all.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miramar Beach Time-lapse with Fisheye Lens

I made this video using a fisheye lens with my Canon Powershot S3 IS and GBTimelapse program from the balcony of our condo at Miramar Beach near Destin, Florida. I took a picture about every 20 seconds and it is played back at 30 frames per second. We were there 2-3 weeks ago, just as the oil spill was gaining press. The weather was not so nice due to rain and wind but that didn't ruin our time. The oil stayed away and so far it has not been a problem on the beaches in that area. The local authorities do seem to be making some preparations for if/when the oil moves in. Though my time-lapse video has nothing to do with the oil spill, I'm putting in a link to an animation tracking spread of the oil, since I have digressed to the subject.

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