Thursday, September 30, 2010

Compost Camera Setup and Preview

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This is one of the most recent photographs of the time-lapse setup for the compost camera. I have added a small watermelon yesterday. I bought it, took a small slice from the middle, then propped it up on the rind of the part that I ate and kept the rest to eat later. The melon wasn't all that good tasting. I probably won't add much new stuff to it except actual waste because the possum you see there has been getting busy and I am not trying to attract any critters of that size. Here is the YouTube preview video of the compost heap.

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I am using a Pentax Optio W90 which I bought just a few weeks ago. All things considered, it seems like a great camera for shooting time-lapses. It has a built in intervalometer with lots of flexibility in settings. Also it is weather resistant and can be used underwater. It has two macro settings with one of them for use at 1cm. The intervalometer function can be used with multiple settings such as auto flash and macro. The only 2 things that I don't like about it so far are that even though I have seen statements that an A/C adapter is available, I haven't been able to find one and by looking at the camera itself, I don't see where one would even plug one in. The other thing is that even though the intervalometer can take up to 1000 pictures, the battery runs out way before that, somewhere more around the 300-350 range. I have gone around that by ordering an extra Pentax D-Li88 rechargable battery so I can switch them out each day and let one charge while the other is being used. Charge time is about 2 hours or less. I will say again though that for the price I am happy. Just be sure and download the user's manual to make sure it has the exact specs you need before buying.

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I built a little roof for the camera and attached the camera to the stand with a hex bolt through the back of the wood. I also placed 2 screws in the wood sticking out to stop the camera from rotating down and so that I can put it in the exact same position again if I have to take the camera off the stand.

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