Saturday, June 11, 2005


This is a postcard from an artsy website called PostSecret, which has been linked in my sidebar for a month or two but I just now got around to mentioning it. People send in anonymous postcards with secrets they have never told anyone. Some are pretty dark and some are just funny. PostSecret allows anyone to post one pic to their own site, if it is for the purpose of linking. I chose this one because it gives me a familiar feeling. I don't sit and think about my dying moments that often, but something like this sometimes crosses my mind when I find myself wasting time or not enjoying things because I am dreading something else. It usually causes me to start getting out of bed 2 hours earlier everyday or just being extra nice to random people. Another thing that is especially striking to me here is the clear blue sky in the background. My idea of a perfect day is a nice cool sunny day, when the air is so crisp, it seems like you could count the leaves on a tree 3 miles away. Days like these are always good for a change of mind.



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