Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend Beer Review: Guinness Draught

This is my favorite beer of all time. It now comes in bottles and cans. They use something called a widget (second pic) and a boost of liquid nitrogen that causes it to foam on opening, giving it that creamy straight from the tap taste (Click here for more details about the widget and packaging). Most people know about this beer and either love it or hate it. I just wanted to say a couple of things about my experience buying this beer.

I usually get the cans which come in 4-packs and are 14.9 oz each. This is another example of the extortionist prices I have to pay for good beer here, it usually costs me about $7.50 per 4-pack. The other liquor store which is a little closer charges nine-something.

As many of you probably know, the word draught is a variant of the word draft, and is pronounced dräft. When I go to the store here, I just call it “cans of Guinness” rather than saying the word draught correctly; or incorrectly pronouncing it the same as drought, like most do. A friend warned me that if I walked in there talking like that, I would be lucky to get out of there with any beer at all. I can’t complain though, because its not really a problem and I’m sure a lot of people go through a lot more for a lot less. Brilliant!

The Snail's Tales Beer for review this weekend is Efes Pilsener from Turkey

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