Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Bird Blogging: Pine Warblers, Dendroica pinus

This is a pair of Pine Warblers, Dendroica pinus (click the picture to enlarge). I took my son out to a nearby park today, and as we were walking off a trail in a semi-cleared area, we were confronted by the birds. The female, shown in the top picture, would come flying directly at us and the quickly turn and land on a nearby branch. The male would flit around on the ground and the base of the trees, sometimes holding his wings out funny and running along the ground. I assume there was a nest nearby and they were trying to both scare me and lure me away. The key features of these birds are the olive-green top side with a yellowish throat and chest. They also have two white wing bars. The male and female have a similar appearance, but the female is duller in color. Here is a complete description of pine warblers with pictures and sounds.

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