Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time-Lapse Video: Ivy Growing on a Tree

7 sec. wmv, 3.2 Mb

This video was made from a series of photos I took roughly twice daily over a period of about 7 weeks. A little past half-way through, after the tip had grown out of sight and there wasn't much new change, I decided to cut the ivy at the bottom. If you slow the video down, you can see the knife in the left lower corner in one frame. Also you can see short segments missing at the bottom of the shoots. I was about to call it quits for this project when I noticed the left one had a new bud growing just below where I cut it, so the extended version of this video is still in the making. It will probably be in the form of a higher quality, larger file. The Windows media version can be seen by clicking the above picture, the quicktime version and other time-lapse videos can be seen here.

This little project also led to some interesting photographs of ants herding aphids on the ivy.

I guess this would be a good place to mention to anyone looking for good time-lapse videos, a recent video of a monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis at Burning Silo.

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