Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Time-lapse Clouds: Theme and Variation

I took another series of cloud pictures a few days ago. This time I had the camera in a fixed position with the help of a tree stump, a ladder and of course the redneck multitool, duct tape. I took a picture about every 4-5 sec. for about 35 minutes. I know it sounds terrible but it really was enjoyable. I was on call however and the temp was a cool 80 degrees so I was mostly just happy to be sitting outside undisturbed. Click the picture to go to the page were you can download the original video or 1 of two altered videos. They are all 16 seconds, WMV files, and about 1 Mb. One variation is altered to appear as if it is a watercolor painting and the other changes the hue through a complete cycle of the color spectrum. This was done with Windows Movie Maker.

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