Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time-lapse of the Week #8

Since I have been preoccupied with halloween preparations, I haven't really looked for any good time-lapses to feature. Therefore I will gratuitously only show my latest time-lapse which I just posted today. It was a 39 day project. I took one picture every 30 minutes of my compost heap and it is played back at 30 fps. With this being October, halloween is the obvious theme. Enjoy.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Family Pumpkin Carving Contest

Click the pic to enlarge

This year's pumpkin carving contest was a lot of fun. We had eleven entries. Our original guest judges had to cancel so we ended up getting a couple of different neighbors from down the street to help out. These are the entries from my household. The top left one was my six year olds. It won top honors this year, the design was all his own and he drew the outline but my wife cut it for him. The second devilish Jack-O-Lantern was my entry, it got second place. The top right one was my 3 year old's. He had the marker in his hand and I helped guide his hand for the outline. It was eleventh and last place. Next year he will be all own his own with the drawing. My wife's is the bottom pumpkin, it came in fourth.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time-lapse of the Week #7

Wow. I almost forgot to post a TLoTW this week and I checked in on YouTube just before going to bed and I got a message from schizzecazzechea to check out this video. All I can say is freaking WOW! I just kept watching over and over and kept on smiling. This just makes me happy.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time-lapse of the Week #6

Here is a nice time-lapse of a corn field maze and the evening sky by YouTube user KenScottPhotography.

Of course I have to include my own time-lapse. This is part of my compost heap project. I zoomed in on the pumpkin as it breaks down over a 3 week period. One picture was taken every 30 minutes and it is played back at 30 fps. As of today the compost heap is still being filmed. I am using a Pentax Optio W90.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time-lapse of the Week #5

Here is an unbelievable time-lapse of Fly Agaric and Phallus impudicus growing in time-lapse by neilbromhall .

Also here is some cool action with some fruit, (nectarines?) decomposing over three weeks by fookuzz:

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time-lapse of the Week #4

This week's featured time-lapse is of 1 tree, 3 people, and 8 hours of cutting compressed down to 2 minutes with some nice zydeco music by Preston Frank and Family. The video was posted by brightcourse .

And now just for fun I'll throw in another great one by Jay at milapse of Keweenaw Peninsula. It is packed with some beautiful scenes. This is by far the best quality that I have seen this week but he is such a pro that I don't really count him as being in the same league as most of the others.

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