Friday, November 17, 2006

Ivy Growing On A Tree, Final Version

12 sec. Quicktime, 3.6 Mb

This is the final version of the time-lapse video of the ivy growing on the tree in my back yard. This was made by taking two pictures per day from 7/08/06 to 10/20/06. I then used Quicktime pro to convert this to a video. I thougt this would be a hefty file, but I was able to preserve the quality and large size of the picture, while compressing it to a easily downloadable file size. About 4 seconds into the video you can see that I cut the ivy at the bottom of the picture and new buds begin to take off. The latter part of the video was made during a relatively wet period and the ivy hit a rapid growth spurt.

My other time-lapse videos can be seen here.

The post about the previous videos is here.

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