Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Predictions

Following last year's Super Bowl XL predictions, I don't think I can do much worse, so here are my confident predictions for Super Bowl XLI.

Most importantly, the winner: The Chicago Bears 33-24, The magical power of "The Bean" is just too strong, even with them all the way down in Miami.

The Bears defense will perform well, but not as great as many think will be necessary for them to win.

The good Rex Grossman will show up today and get 2 passing touchdowns, only one interception and 1 fumble. He has been way up and way down this year, but the bottom line is that they made it to the big game with him leading, and he will get the job done today. He is that kind of player.

Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson will both top 75 rushing yards. With Jones getting a rushing TD.

Robbie Gould will kick 4 field Goals.

Peyton Manning Will have 2 passing TD's, 2 interceptions and a fumble.

Joseph Addai will have the Colts only rushing TD and will go over 100 yards rushing.

As you can probably tell, I not only think the Bears will win but I am also rooting for them. However I find it difficult to go against an all around champ like Peyton Manning, so if the Colts win I will have the consolation of knowing that he will finally have his Super Bowl victory and we can unreservedly place him on that pedestal of all time great players.

Enjoy the Game, I'll be back later to review these predictions.

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Blogger He Said She Said said...

We love your site. Keep blogging.

Here's our Super Bowl prediction:
BEARS 28, Colts 17

-He Said, She Said

9:26 AM  

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